Health & Glamour: Business Beyond Wellness

Being glamorous doesn’t need to be expensive but healthy instead! With all the wide range of selection of organic products in the market nowadays, which one do you choose to be your ultimate tandem when in comes to being healthy?

Let me share what I just recently discovered that can be one among your options when you want to go for natural living.

Health & Glamour Outsource Marketing Corporation (H&G) was founded in 2016 by pro-environment advocates who are into the campaign to promote health and wellness but at the same time, save Mother Earth as well! Aiming to provide consumers a better option to enjoy organic, natural products that protect one’s health and the world.

H & G also ensures product affordability so consumers will have a powerful choice of shifting into organic, natural products with the same budget on the usual commercial products being consumed.

Here are their wide selection of products launched in the market:

Organic Coffee Blends – these are the company’s main product which comes in three varieties:


Green Coffee – excellent source of nutrition; contains a good amount of zinc, potassium, copper, fiber, Vitamins B6, C, D and iron. Has strong anti-oxidants.

Benefits: boosts energy levels, increases muscle gain, promotes fat reduction, improves mental alertness, reduces anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Fit Coffee – aims to keep you in shape while keeping your body healthy, beautiful and toxin-free. Contains Spirulina, known as a super food because of its nutrient-densed contents.

Benefits: eases constipation and helps in cholesterol level management

Turmeric Corn Coffee – has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and has strong anti-oxidants. A very healthy high fiber beverage made from alkaline turmeric corn coffee that can be consumed regularly without any adverse effects.

Benefits: helps in weight loss, invigorates bodily defenses against disease.

For those who are looking for meal substitute, the Power Meal  is all you need.


A multi-grain powerful super food enriched with micro-nutrients, dietary fibers, manganese, Vitamin B1 & Omega 3.

Benefits: improves memory, reduces heart disease, helps in weight loss, boost immune system and promotes younger looking skin.


H & G  Facial Skin Care Products


Honey Facial Wash (Php 428.00)

A powerful acne cleanser yet so mild it keeps you moisturized. Keeps the pores clean ans reduces the chances of breakouts or dull complexion. Contains micro-facial beads for deep cleansing. Active ingredient – PURE HONEY.

Refreshing Toner (Php 495.00)

Enriched with the finest botanical extracts and anti-bacterial ingredients to help retain your skin’s moisture.


GLOW Day Cream

Has SPF 30, anti-aging with collagen and Vitamin E, hypo-allergenic. Can be used as foundation before make-up.

REST Night Cream

Moisturizes and reduces aging of skin, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and lightens skin.


Personal Care


Charcoal Bar Body Soap (Php 215.00)

Contains activated carbon which helps draw out impurities and toxins from skin. With anti-bacterial properties that heal pimples and prevents further breakout

Bleaching Soap (Php 215.00)

Contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), milk ans citrus acids that help lighten the skin. Has anti-aging and anti-bacterial formulation that prevents the development of acne, warts and skin disorders.

Argan Soap (Pho 250.00)

Formulated a s moisturizing soap and a treatment for skin asthma. It treats juvenile acne ans skin flaking. Ideal for managing wrinkled skin.

Body Cream (Php 385.00)


Made from papaya extracts that instantly lightens the skin and transform patches into soft, supple, hydrated skin. With SPF 30

Shampoo with Conditioner


From 100% botanical extracts with argan oil that nourishes hair making it naturally beautiful, smooth and healthy-looking. Promotes hair growth and repairs split ends.

Health & Glamour, through their President, Ms. Mirasol Rader opens business opportunities to everyone. Welcoming resellers of their products through its various Negosyo Packages.



To know more about their products and how to become resellers, visit their main outlet ocated at Unit 2-D, 2nd floor CK Building Visayas Avenue.

Cheers to living organically healthy!


The Mommy Raketera






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