Hi, I’m Jing De Jesus – Gio the one behind Media Mom Manila.

This mom has been working behind the tv media for almost eighteen years. Having a career in this industry is mind-blowing, character- molding, time-consuming, sleep-depriving yet fun and exciting as you go along. It’s a roller-coaster ride!

Just like those tv program genres, motherhood is a mix of REALITY that you have to face everyday. ACTION, who else would do it any other way. DOCUMENTARY, because every moment counts. DRAMA, without it life will be boring. Always looking forward to TRAVEL together. Create FANTASY where dreams begin plus a dash of MAGIC for kids to believe. It is also a variety of ENTERTAINMENT which delivers happiness to everyone at the end of the day.

Media Mom Manila highlights family life together with this mom’s multi-dimensional interest on food, beauty, travel and everything in between.

Join me as I share these episodes behind the colorbars of mommyhood. In between takes, all you’ve got to do is to keep on rolling as a mom and wifey!

Standby for more! Cheers!