Fly Ace Corporation Brings Germany’s No.1 Langnese Honey

The sweetest day has arrived in the Philippine market as Fly Ace Corporation introduced another high-quality product that recently hit the stores nationwide: Germany’s no.1 Langnese Honey.

I got too excited about this because we always have honey at home for health benefit purposes.

Honey is considered one of nature’s sweetest gifts from nectar that’s collected by bees and naturally broken into simple sugar. With the constant fanning of the bees’ wings, evaporation takes place in the unique design of the honeycomb that produces the thick, syrupy liquid we now know as honey. Interestingly, the color and flavor of honey is an indicator of its type of flower nectar collected by bees, thus leaves consumers with more flavor options.

The event was hosted by the bubbly and energetic Ms. Patty Laurel-Filart.


Definitely not just a sweet event but very informative and interesting as we were exposed on the authenticity of honey should be. And mind you, after that brief discussion it set a very high standard when it comes to choosing the best honey for the family!

Here are five facts that make Langnese Honey a game changer that will reboot your appreciation for high-quality honey:

  1. Highest quality and purity since 1927

Langnese Honey is a family-owned brand for nine decades; it’s also a reputable market leader with a seal of approval from Germany’s Honey Ordinance and European Standard Basic Principles that strictly requires the safest and unadulterated quality. Meaning, it should be raw, unfiltered, and residue-free, with a limit of between 16% – 21% water content only. With Langnese Honey, it doesn’t only surpass these requirements, its name is a seal of guarantee that nothing is added nor removed from it!

  1. No short cuts and no compromise

Ever wondered what makes Langnese Honey truly satisfying? Its serious commitment to quality and purity puts a premium importance on selection and processing, market analysis, coupled with direct and long-standing relationship with the beekeepers in the countries of origin. Much more, it also boasts a plethora of certifications from International Featured Standards (IFS) Kosher, and Halal that are true marks of its reliable source.

  1. Pollen-packed and certified safe.

Did you know that when a honey comes back negative for pollen test, it’s a sure sign of ultra-processing? That shouldn’t be the case, according to the makers of Langnese Honey Fürsten – Reform’s Export Manager Mark Baumgärtner,  “Absence of pollens in the honey means there’s no way to determine whether the honey came from legitimate and safe sources, as verified as well by the German Honey Directive and World Health Organization. Langnese Honey mindfully takes into account the latest scientific findings using modern technology and unfiltered process that effectively determines the origin and type of honey.”

  1. Chic and convenient.

Featuring a honey dispenser technology famously known as “Bee Easy”, this chic and convenient packaging is also guaranteed no drip and no stickiness in every serving.  Available in 250 g and 500 g PET dispensers, it’s also well loved by kids who find fun and enjoyment with their food. What’s more, you can take delight as you please, as its five yummy flavors might be the best you’ve ever tasted.

  1. Five decadent flavors for all types of fete and feasts.

Aside from Langnese Honey’s credible process and source, there’s none quite like its well-balanced, rich, and golden flavors that’s arguably highly nutritious!

Acacia is the ultimate breakfast companion that lends character to teas, cereals, and desserts.


Golden Clear on the other hand, offers a sweet antidote to dips, salads, cocktails, and hot drinks, or to just about anything.


Meanwhile, cooks and foodies can never go wrong with Black Forest that’s surely a luscious ingredient from the straightforward to the flashy recipes.


While Wild Flower is pretty much suited for sweetening all types of food and beverage, it makes breads and pastries tastier and way healthier instead of refined sugar.


Last but not the least, Lavender is also lovely for sweetening all types of beverages like tea and is a luscious spread on breads.


“Fly Ace Corporation is proud to welcome Langnese Honey in the Philippines, as we reinforce our commitment to bring the best of the world’s food and beverages to the Filipinos.” concludes Fly Ace Corporation President Jun Cochanco.  “When it comes to honey, there’s a reason why Langnese has been around for decades and a consistent market leader all these years–its name is the ultimate representation of what a real and reliable honey should be. “



Did you know that honey can be also an exquisite ingredient in our dishes?

From  a healthy breakfast…


To main dishes..





Plus yummy dessert ideas too..





Marriott Hotel Manila’s  Executive Chef Meik Brammer prepared a Langnese Honey special dish for everyone!


Chicken Avocado Salad with Langnese Spiced Acacia Honey Dressing


300 g chicken fillet
4 tablespoons Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil
Salt to taste
1-2 pcs. of red chili
4 tablespoons Langnese Acacia Honey
1 pc. shallots
2-3 tablespoon lime juice
1 small piece of arugula
1 small radicchio (about 180 g.)
1 ripe avocado
50 g salted roasted peanuts


  1. Wash the chicken breast and tap dry with tissue, season with salt and pepper. Pan-fry the chicken breast with 2 tablespoons of oil for about 12 to 15 minutes.
  2. Wash the chili and clean thoroughly, cut it lengthwise and de – seed, chop the chili finely. Add the Langnese Acacia Honey, set aside and let it cool.
  3. Chop the shallots; take out the chicken from the pan and brush all over with the chili honey. Put oil on the pan and sauté the shallot until translucent and mix it with the remaining chili honey. Add 2 tablespoons of oil, lime juice, and salt to taste.
  4. Clean the arugula and the radicchios. Peel the avocado and de seed. Slice the avocado and mix thoroughly with the salad and honey dressing. Cut the chicken in strips and put it on top of the salad.
  5. Finish off with the coarsely chopped peanuts.

Chicken Avocado Salad with Langnese Spiced Acacia Honey Dressing


Here are also some of the dishes that we enjoyed, of course all with flavors of Langnese Honey!

Langnese Clear Honey on Spicy Pork Salad, Vegetables 

Langnese Wild Flower Honey on Shrimps in Spicy Sauce

Langnese Black Forest Honey on Asian Spiced Vegetable 


The gorgeous Scene Stealer Team – Vannah Santiago, Cherry Ann Go with Patty Laurel! 

As a mom, I cannot settle for anything less when it comes to our family’s nutrition!

Langnese Honey is definitely a great choice! So what’s my honey? Of course, it’s Langnese!

And here’s my favorite of all the flavors — The Lavender Honey! 🙂


Much love to Scene Stealer Team for inviting us! We had #SunshineInEveryServing! 🙂


Finally, we had an event together! Hahaha! 🙂

Media Moms PH with Ms. Patty Laurel-Filart!

Tina Perez, The Mommy Raketera & Megan Luna– Media Moms Ph


Langnese Honey is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation and is available in supermarkets nationwide.
Fly Ace Corporation is one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino homes, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes house brands and exclusively distributed brands. Learn more at

See you all on my next post! 🙂


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