A Taste of Sweet Life with the New Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut

From dreamy gondola rides, enchanting arias by an international musician, and artists creating their masterpieces to amours enjoying sumptuous meals, and stylish couples wearing the latest Italian fashion, the setting had all the elements of la dolce vita which was theme for the launch of the new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut from the world-famous chocolate powder drink brand.

The Italian theme was just perfect for the occasion. The newest Swiss Miss flavor combines premium, imported cocoa and real milk with the aroma and flavor of roasted, buttery hazelnuts for a silky, creamy, and frothy chocolate drink that evokes the sweet life in every cup.


“The luxurious taste of the new Swiss Miss variant reminds us that it doesn’t require much to enjoy life. Life is sweet, and we can enjoy its little indulgences by rewarding ourselves for our little wins,” said Cathy Castro, Swiss Miss Asia marketing manager, who added that the launch is a milestone for Filipinos as the Philippines is the first market in Asia to introduce this new Swiss Miss flavor.



(L-R) Floribel Loreto-Lao, Swiss Miss Philippines Country Manager and Cathy Castro, Swiss Miss Asia Marketing Manager

To make the momentous moment even more memorable, the first Swiss Miss Philippines endorser — and the first endorser globally — graced the event. Top actress, host and award-winning endorser Anne Curtis joined guests in celebrating the launch of the new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut. A certified go-getter, the princess of all media shared, “I make sure that I’m able to take a quick breather despite my full schedule. At the end of long taping hours or filming for a new movie, I take a moment to reward myself even in small ways — a cup of Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut helps me relax and enjoy those moments.”






Anne Curtis, Swiss Miss Philippines Endorser

Dressed in a dramatic gown and a Venetian-inspired mask, Anne led the dramatic launch of the new Swiss Miss flavor. Her cotillion, wearing Italian-inspired fashion and alluring masks, trailed behind her as she invited guests to indulge in the new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut.

Like Anne, mall goers also got a taste of la dolce vita as they enjoyed Café Dolce, a pop-up café offering free samples of Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut, along with complimentary gondola rides and portraits from artists.






Experience your own la dolce vita moments by enjoying life’s little pleasures and rewarding yourself for hard-won victories with a serving of Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut.

                                                                                     New Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut


Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut is now available in leading stores and supermarkets nationwide. For more updates, visit Swiss Miss Philippines on Facebook and Instagram @SwissMissPH.



Enjoy the sweet life!





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