A Taste of South East Asia at Me Love You Long Time

Hello my gorgeous readers! Who among you loves to travel? What’s so fascinating about traveling is that you get to taste authentic food which represents that particular place. And whenever you go back to your own place, your taste buds crave for what you had. Oh, now I miss traveling!

Now, here’s another food review episode in which being able to travel became one of the main ingredients why this particular restaurant landed in the metro. Not too long ago, a group of friends who love to travel came up with a brilliant idea of bringing the taste of Southeast Asian in a newly-established food park in Quezon City.

Me Love You Long Time, yes that’s the name of the restaurant! Okay, a bit of trivia on the side.. It was an excerpt from the movie Full Metal Jacket, a war film set in Vietnam directed by Stanley Kubrick. They fell in love with a Vietnamese sandwich called Banh Mi that was the very first dish they wanted to serve which represents the country. Eventually, they decided to have the taste of Southeast Asian cuisine!

Since I never get to international travels yet, I’m very much excited to taste the food inspired from these countries! Eat today, then travel someday! Hahaha!

Get ready for an international gastronomic gluttony ahead!

           Vietnamese Spring Roll – Php 175 (6 pcs)

Lettuce and shrimp wrapped in rice paper with peanut sauce dip.  I love the tasteful freshness of both lettuce and shrimp plus the flavorful peanut sauce! Thumbs up!

Malaysian Curry Laksa – Php 215

Rice noodles with chicken and egg in curry based flavorful soup. Moderate spicy with a pinch of sweetness.


Indonesian Beef Rendang – Php 255

Spicy yet  sweet beef cooked tenderly. This one I can’t stop eating!


Pinoy Kilawin with Mango – Php 215

Thai Tom Yum – Php 250

Soup made with shrimp and veggies. Tastes like our local sinigang na hipon


Cahn Ga Chien Mam – Php 218

Spicy Chicken Wings. Perfect as “pulutan”

Perfect combination to chill!

Chicken Pad Thai – Php 195

Sweet and sour stir stir fried noodles with veggies, egg and chicken. 


Mixed Satay – Php 196 (6 pcs)

Chicken and pork with my favorite peanut sauce


Nasi Goreng Nenas – Php 185

Indonesian Fried Rice with egg and veggies

Now, let’s go my favorite part — Dessert!!!

Sticky Rice with Mango – Php 165

Promise, this one is superb! I can eat this all alone!

Turon Ala Mode – Php 150

Basil flavored ice cream on top with our native turon

A meal won’t be complete without some drinks!

Thai Iced Tea – Php 95

Honey Calamansi – Php 95

You will also find the unique interiors of the restaurant as well. With a touch of Vietnam which seemed to be the favorite destination of the owners.


Thanks James for inviting Mrs. Wise and me to feature Me Love You Long Time!

But wait, it was also an instant reunion with Team Happy Producers! It’s been a long time since we saw each other!

Friends from TV Production

I’m sure after reading this post, you might wanna go and visit Me Love You Long Time!

Tomas Morato corner Scout Madriñan, POs Building Quezon City
email:   meloveyoulongtimeresto@gmail.com
IG / FB:   meloveyoulongtimeph 
Operating hours:  Monday – Thursday 12pm to 11pm
Friday – Sat 12nn to 2am


Until our next foodtrip! See you! 🙂



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