A Relaxing Treat at Baan Khun Thai Tomas Morato

In the busy streets of Tomas Morato, I found another haven which just in perfect timing! I can’t remember when was the last time I had a massage. Hmmm… I think it was already 3 months and oh, that was too long ago!

So let me tell you more about this massage spa I recently discovered – Baan Khu Thai, House of Traditional Massage & Spa.


They just recently opened June of this year and I asked why the owners opted to choose this business despite the fact that there were much more competitors within the vicinity, even in the same building there’s already another massage spa. “It was because of love for massage and also a favorite bonding to do with the husband”, said Ms. Jerella.


A clear and well-lighted lobby can be seen from the outside before you enter the reception area. That’s what I noticed immediately because I’ve been with other massage spa and some were usually heavily tinted which at first I hesitate to enter.

Photo from Baan Khun Thai Tomas Morato FB Page

Photo from Baan Khun Thai Tomas Morato FB Page


Anyways, the place was very ambiance relaxing, clean and elegant looking. A perfect place where mommies and wifeys like me can go and just enjoy a past time and take a break from a busy day.



Guess what, for any service you’ll avail, it comes with free foot spa. Don’t you love that kind of perks!




I brought the hubby so that we’ll both experience what Baan Khun Thai has to offer. As recommended, we tried the Aromatheraphy with Hot Pads and Herbal Ball for 1 hour. Haven’t tried this because usually we try just the basic swedish massage.




Photo from Baan Khun Thai Tomas Morato FB Page


I can feel in every bit of massage how it soothingly relaxes my body and mind. I know my body celebrates that finally, here’s the massage! Hahaha! The hot pads and herbal ball were superb! Stress reliever at its best!



The prices of services are very affordable too!



They also have a loyalty card for the customers.



Visit them at 306-F Morato Square Tomas Morato cor Scout Madrinan, QC. Opens from 1 pm to 2 am.


Thank you very much Ms. Jerella for this very relaxing treat!


Until next time.

Jing, The Mommy Raketera










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