A Bubbly Household Chore Bonding with Bunichi

I remember when I was young, the household chore I hated the most was washing the dishes! Because, they are so many and you have to wash them over and over again! Imagine, three times a day, fifteen times a week, forty-five times a month and so on! Hahaha!

Now that I’m a parent, I have to teach my kids on how to handle household responsibilities. First stop, the ever favorite – dish washing. Since I got these cute Bubble Man products, this will be the perfect timing!

So I asked my daughter Bunichi to do the washing for the first time! She’s so excited because finally, I’m letting her to do it! Hmm, she even exclaimed “Yes, pangarap ko makapaghugas ng mga plato!” Hahaha!

Look, who’s ready for the job!

We start with the little things – spoon & forks…




The struggle was really nerve-wracking on my part because I panicked a lot! I worried about the overflowing water from the basin and the amount of Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid being used. But it’s very matipid pala!

Squeezed a little on the sponge and then she started doing the job.

She enjoyed the soapy feeling on her hands to the point of squeezing more and more! Oh I bet you imagined how I reacted! Hahaha!


We’re able to finish the session turned bonding time. And guess what, she’s looking forward to do it again. Wow! I think, the key is to let her enjoy the first-hand experience because it felt like a fulfillment for her. Not too hard on pushing something new because it might end up the hard way just like mine before.

I’m so happy that it turned-out so good! Now, I learned some tricks on what to do for the next chores. Hope this would also apply to her Kuya (crossing my fingers) 🙂

Very good Bunichi!

What shall we do next with Bubbleman?

To know more about Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid, check their Facebook page 🙂

Thanks for reading this article! Share about your bondings thru household chores too! 🙂




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