1. Lhourdes Mercadero

    Ang cute ng mga facemask.
    I really like to use facemask ,nakaktulong talaga kase to hydrate,moisturize and smooth ng skin.
    Name: Lhourdes Mercadero
    Email: malhourdes_mercadero@yahoo.com
    FB: Lhourdes Mercadero
    IG: @itsmedhessmercadero
    Twitter : @dhess02

    Thank you for this giveaway.

  2. Jeda Gonzales

    Hello Ms Jing ?

    Happy 8th month ?
    I joined this giveaway and done all the steps. I really win because lately I’ve been addicted using beauty mask. I even horde 16pcs at shopee last week. Kung pwede lang talagang araw-arawin e ?

    Super cute yung animal mask and super din ang price. Ma-experience ko sana ‘to. Thanks

    Jeda Gonzales
    FB/IG: @iamjeday

  3. Rizza Montaniel

    Hi Ms. Jing, Thank you for the chance & Happy 8th Month more power to your blog thank you for sharing your blessings & May you always be blessed Ms. Jing
    Name: Rizza B. Montaniel
    Email: benjhariznel@gmail.com
    FB: Rizza Beniza
    IG: @rizmontaniel
    Twitter: @u_benjhariznel

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