“Break Bread, Make Music Together”

The idea of Bayanihan is something that is deeply embedded in our culture. Regardless of how little or how much we have, it is wired in our DNA to always help, share, and support others, especially during times of crisis. This selflessness is what Gardenia Philippines successfully captured on its “Laging Kasama” concert, a free … [Read more…]

Mister Donut Unboxes the Fun in Metro Manila

Hello modern readers! The daily life of a commuter is really filled with challenges! The long lines on the MRT/LRT in the morning and during rush hours, the jampacked-survival of the fittest moments in the bus plus the hilarious and horrendous traffic situation in EDSA… It’s very tiring, draining and extremely annoying! But what if, … [Read more…]

Trending with Kelly on ANC

I always love watching lifestyle shows… In fact of all the shows that I got to produce during my days on TV prod, lifestyle magazine is one among my favorite format… It has also something to do with my choice to be a lifestyle blogger…I love to know the latest trends from food, travel, health, … [Read more…]