Summer Foodtrip Stop: Malingap Marketplace

Summer is not only the season to chill on the beach or go out of town! If you prefer to stay in the metro, why not do a food tripping instead?

Here’s what I recently discovered along Quezon City where most of the foodparks are located. Malingap Marketplace is an upscale themed food park that caters 16 unique brands in the heart of Teachers Village, QC.


I had the chance to have a taste of some of their food varieties and I had my top choices! Check them out below!


  1. Beefy Lasagna by Bhest Lasagna

This is the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted! Soooo creamy, cheesy and extremely beefy!!!

Php 160.00

  1. Crispy Barbeque Bacon by Fuzsion

I like anything fried! Season pork strips and deeply fried which comes with a vinegar dip. I can almost finish the whole serving!

Php 140.00


  1. Salted Egg Pasta by Day Da’s Kitchen

We can never deny the fact that salted egg fever is everywhere! From chips, to popcorn and now with the pasta! I like how the salted egg blend in the pasta, not too salty though which is good! Not your ordinary pasta, indeed!



Php 150.00


  1. Bagnet Kare-Kare by Marty’s Kitchen

The famous Bagnet Ilocos with a twist! You can never go wrong with Kare-Kare! Thumbs up!

Php 150.00

  1. Raindrop Cake by Dew Dew Cake Ph

I’ve never seen anything like this before and so I’m really fascinated! It’s like a morning dew inspired dessert! A water mochi, soybean powder with your choice of syrup – KUROMITSU (Muscovado Sugar) KURIMU (Mangoes and Cream)  and MATCHA.

Php 140.00


Malingap MarkepPlace has more unique finds  in store for everyone!


Drinks that will certainly quench your thirst!

Tea in a Jar by Hungry Head

For only 85 pesos, enough even for barkada of 5!

Taro Bulb Tea by Bhest Lasagna/Dew Dew Cake PH

Php 75.00

Blue Graviola by Hungry Head

Php 30.00


Corn Dog Tacos by Fuszion

Friesto by Hungry Head

Tofu Fries by Fuszion

Vegetable Samosa by Zaika

But wait, there’s moooore!!

Gourmet Tuyo Pasta by Day Da’s Kitchen

Php 130.00

Shawarma Rice by Zaika

Php 95.00

Dinakdakan by Marty’s Kitchen

Php 130.00

Nilasing na Hipon by 4L’s

Php 350.00

Tahong Sisig by Foodophile

Spicy Chicken by 4L’s

Php 250.00

See, you’ll never run out of food selections at Malingap Marketplace. A one-stop foodplace where you can bring along family and friends. For more details, visit their official Facebook Page –

Thank you very much Malingap Marketplace!

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