Shopee partners with Splash Personal Care and other brands to offer up to 15% off to Fully Vaccinated users through #FullyVaxxed Package

Shopee supports the country’s goal of inoculating as many Filipinos as possible through the #FullyVaxxed Package.

The fight against COVID19 continuous as most of us are advised to get fully-vaccinated! We must put our best food forward in order to be protected against this invisible war that’s currently happening not only in the country but worldwide!

Fully vaccinated Filipinos can qualify for the exclusive package that includes free shipping and discount vouchers from Shopee and discount vouchers from Shopee’s various partner brands such as Splash Personal Care, SkinWhite, Maxi-Peel, Hygienix, and many more!

Sign up now at and claim exclusive 15% off vouchers to get these Splash MaxKleen essentials:

Splash MaxKleen Antibacterial Concentrated Liquid Detergent – Sunshine Flower 600g Set of 2

Harmful germs can stay on clothes and fabrics for hours.  Get rid of them with Splash Maxkleen Concentrated Liquid Detegent! Splash Maxleen Liquid Detergent bottle has a smart leaning neck making it easy to pour. It also has a transparent bottle cap with measurement.


Splash MaxKleen Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer 500mL Set of 2

Just spray and wipe Splash Maxkleen Disinfectant Sanitizer to kill 99.9% of germs on these surfaces. 

Use Splash Maxkleen Disinfectant Surface Sanitizer AFTER cleaning the surface area


1. Simply spray directly onto surface

2. Wipe over with clean damp cloth and allow to dry


4. With electric equipment, spray onto cloth before wiping


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