Level Up your Dishes with Ajinomoto Sarsaya® Oyster Sauce

Cooking will be more fun once again for mommies like me with Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation’s newest product addition – Sarsaya® Oyster Sauce! What’s more special about this is having the Primetime King, Coco Martin as celebrity endorser! Last week, the Ajinomoto Family formally launched Sarsaya® Oyster Sauce, which is concentrated from real oysters, complete with seasonings … [Read more…]

Fly Ace Corporation Brings Germany’s No.1 Langnese Honey

The sweetest day has arrived in the Philippine market as Fly Ace Corporation introduced another high-quality product that recently hit the stores nationwide: Germany’s no.1 Langnese Honey. I got too excited about this because we always have honey at home for health benefit purposes. Honey is considered one of nature’s sweetest gifts from nectar that’s collected … [Read more…]