Our Easter Celebration at Vanilla Cafe Baguio

During Holy Week, we decided to spend our vacation in the City of Pines! We had a great time strolling around the scenic places with the whole family. What made it more special was celebrating our daughter, Bunichi’s 9th birthday which fell on the 15th!

What a great coincidence, because Vanilla Cafe will be having a series of Easter Cupcake Event in all their branches including Baguio. So I took the chance to sign-up and got the slot for Baguio! Hurray!

I always pass by at their  Trinoma branch but haven’t really try to dine with the kids. That’s why when I got the slot, I’m sooo happy and got excited as well because Bunichi will have that cute experience in time for her birthday! The little girl cannot hide her excitement for the coming days!

On Easter Sunday, while some of the kids were busy doing the usual egg-huntings, we’re set to have an amazing cupcake decorating at Vanilla Cafe Baguio. Yes, we’re #TeamBaguio! 🙂

The event was for all kids aged 5-10 years old who will have the chance to decorate their own cupcake for only P599. Comes with toque, apron, DIY cupcake kit and a kiddie meal.


The event took place at the outdoor garden of Vanilla Cafe.

Look at those cute toques and aprons!

Now here’s my Bunichi Baker, all set to do the work 🙂

These cupcakes are ready for decorating!

Easter cupcake toppers!

More decors are waiting…

Now, let the fun begin!


Unleashing some creativity on cupcake decorating…and a little bit of twirling…

And twirling…

…and twirling

On the other side Mr. Cute Baker is also busy with his masterpiece 🙂

Adding some sprinkles to his cupcake…

It’s definitely a busy and fun Easter for these kids…

This cute little fellow over here just finished his Easter cupcakes!

Bunichi was able to finish 4 cupcakes 🙂 Very good!

Bunichi’s Easter Cupcakes


It was definitely a fun and extra-ordinary way of spending Easter Sunday. The kids had fun and for sure, the parents as well…

Thank you Ms. Denise Rayala and Vanilla Cafe for this awesome experience! You guys made her birthday so special and memorable. And yes, she’s already looking forward for the next year event. Hahaha!

Vanilla Cafe is located in Outlook Drive, Baguio City! It’s a must visit for everyone!

This is just one of the highlights that happened during our visit in Vanilla Cafe Baguio! My next blog will feature Vanilla Cafe Food Review and a glimpse of Kamiseta Hotel! This mom got excited to find out that Vanilla Cafe is inside Kamiseta Hotel!

Can’t wait to share more!












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