Love Local Bags at Karenza Mnl

Girls love bags, who doesn’t either? I’m pretty sure, my gorgeous readers are smiling right now! Guess what, I just discovered something for us! *giggles

Here’s my first ever bag collaboration with a local brand which at first glance really gave me that “wow” impression because of such elegance on each and every style!

Let me share something about karenza.mnl!

The name karenza.mnl came from the first name of the lovely owner and founder — Karenza Ydonna. Ms. Karenza has always dreamt of having her own business that revolves her passion: FASHION!

Her dream came into realization when she launched her bag line Karenza. It not only gives her unlimited access to class and affordable bags but, it also enables her to share the beautiful and locally made bags with others.

Here are some of the featured designs of Karenza:

Frances Bags (Php 650.00)


Alex Bags ( Php 680.00)

Hannah Bags (Php 550.00)

Leslie Bags (Php 670.00)

Gab Wallets (Php 350.00)



Every style has simple yet elegant touch from colors to materials.


I’ve never had these colors from my previous bags but I’m really impressed! I used them on my corporate events at work and even my colleagues are curious where did I got them!


Alex Bag in Tan

Frances Bag in Taupe

I also love the wallet. It has a customized design for your smartphones. Dual-function di ba?


I’m very happy because the wallet gave a perfect space for my St. Padre Pio prayer book which I always bring.


Watch out for more upcoming styles that suits everyone’s taste!

For orders and inquiries, follow them on Instagram!

Just a piece of advise, choose and confirm quickly as their bags are selling like hotcakes!

Thanks Ms. Karenza for giving me the chance to showcase your products!

This sweet note from Ms. Karenza 🙂

Thumbs up! 🙂

Love much,




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